How to Play Teen Patti?

When it comes to the legal situation of play Teen Patti in India, this gambling entertainment is in a gray area and is allowed in many states. Teen Patti is one of the most popular games among Indian gamblers. The game is very simple. Gamblers do not need any particular skills or expertise. But before you start, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rules and clarify the nuances. Newcomers often ask: what is Teen Patti? This entertainment is a card game. The task of gamblers is to make the strongest combination to outplay all participants.

There are other issues that are to be cleared up to win. Familiarize yourself with how to play Teen Patti. When playing online, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • choose one of the game variations in the casino and launch it;
  • make ante (initial bet) and additional investments (if desired);
  • decide, after viewing the cards, whether to keep playing or discard your hand.

The last action is the dealer’s showdown. This reveals the winner. If you have the best combination, you win. Otherwise, the prize amount stays in the casino fund.

Teen Patti sequence

Despite its simplicity, the game requires careful study of the rules. But the sequence of actions is simple enough. If you know how to play Teen Patti game, you will easily win. The combinations are similar to poker. The only difference is that three cards are enough instead of five. The highest-ranked hand always beats the lower combination.

The basic combinations include:

  • “Three” is considered to be the best hand. As its name suggests, there are three same-value cards. Ideally, you should collect three aces;
  • “Straight Flush” is a combination that includes three cards of consecutive rank and the same suit. If you want to beat your opponent, try to collect A-2-3. The worst combination is 4-3-2;
  • “Straight” means three cards in a sequence. They may have different suits. Here is their order of importance (descending): A-2-3, A-K-Q, K-Q-J, and so on up to 4-3-2. Keep in mind that there is no 2-A-K combination;
  • “Flush” means three cards of the same suit but of different ranks. As a rule, when comparing two flush combinations, the highest card is taken into account. If it is the same for both opponents, the second highest-ranked card is considered. If they are identical, the lowest cards are compared. The best combination is A-K-J; the worst is 5-3-2;
  • “Pair” means two cards of identical value. Two cards of identical value. The best combination is a pair of aces. The third card is called a kicker. It is used when opponents’ combinations are identical. For example, you and your opponent have a pair of kings. In this case, the kickers are compared. Whoever has the highest card wins;
  • “Senior Card” is used in a case when the opponents do not have combinations. The comparison is made by the highest card. If they are equal in rank, the following cards are considered.

Teen Patti variations

The game is available in several variations, which will add more variety to your leisure time. They have somewhat different rules and parameters, and therefore require additional learning. Having understood how to play online Teen Patti, you will be familiar with all the intricacies of the process. The more information you have, the better the outcome of the game.

The virtual room offers gamblers the following Teen Patti variations:

  • Joker;
  • Muflis;
  • Maatha;
  • AK47;
  • 10X Boot;
  • Lowest Card Joker.

Any version is accessible on both computers and smartphones. You can play from your mobile using the browser. It is also offered to activate Teen Patti in the application, but for this purpose, you need to download the software to your smartphone beforehand. Downloading of the Teen Patti app takes a few minutes, not more. For this purpose, you need to go to the relevant section of the official casino that features mobile applications. Here are links that enable users to download software on Android and iOS. Click on the desired option, wait for the download to complete and install. From now on, you’ll be able to play any version of Teen Patti without the need to stay all the time in front of your computer screen.

Teen Patti rules

Your task is to make the highest combination of three cards. Before the game starts, the deck is thoroughly mixed. The dealer hands three cards to each participant in a clockwise direction. They are dealt face down. Accordingly, no player knows how good his or her hand is. Each participant makes an initial bet (ante). Then the betting rounds are conducted, the results of which determine the winner with the strongest hand. Alternatively, the winnings go to the one who remains at the end. Teen Patti rules are rather simple for understanding.

The peculiarities of the trading process are as follows:

  • the first bet belongs to the player sitting to the left of the dealer;
  • the size of the investment directly depends on the status of the participant. It is up to each gambler whether to flip cards to evaluate the deal (“Seen”) or to play blind (“Blind”);
  • a “blind” participant must invest an amount identical to the current bet, or increase it by a maximum of two times (if the same player sits in front of him/her). The second option is to put ½ or 1 of the current bet (if a “seen”-gambler sits in front of him/her);
  • the participant who looked through the cards has to invest 2 or 4 times more than the previous bet (if a blind player sits in front of him/her). There is another option – to spend the amount of the current bet or double it (if a seen gambler sits in front of him/her).

The number of betting rounds is unlimited. In each round, gamblers may bet or discard (refuse to play). When the last two participants remain, they open their hands. The combinations are evaluated and a prize is given to the player with the strongest cards.

How to get started to play Teen Patti

Many newcomers wonder how to play Teen Patti at casinos. To start playing Teen Patti real cash, you need to register on the official website. After creating an account, you need to log in to your profile and top up your account. As soon as the money is credited to the balance (in most cases, the transfer is instant), you can proceed to the selection of the game. Choose the classical version or a version with modified rules. and top up the deposit via any convenient method, for instance, Teen Patti Neteller. In either case, you are guaranteed to have an excellent experience!