Teen Patti rules

The king of card games in India is Teen Patti (or 20-20). This game is such an Indian icon that when you mention it to Indians, they will give you a knowing smile and say “Yeah, I know!”

This article will teach you the rules and strategies for playing Teen Patti variations. It will also help you be better equipped when playing against Indians who know these rules and strategies inside out.

Learn about Teen Patti rules

The legal situation of play Teen Patti in India is a controversial question, but it becomes much easier nowadays. Most Indian people think that Teen Patti is easy to play as it requires very little computerization. In reality, though Teen Patti is quite simple to learn, it takes a lot of practice to play well. You are required to make quick decisions about the game and these decisions need to be based on almost instant real-time assessments of which cards the other players have and their possible moves. Here are the Teen Patti game rules in detail:

  1. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards.
  2. The entire deck is dealt with by the players and no card leaves the deck during the game.
  3. Each player makes two bets: One on 3 or 3 (called ‘Mat’) and one on Paanch or Paanch (called ‘Patti’).
  4. Whoever bets on ‘Patti’ gets 4 cards while the others get 3.
  5. The dealer starts the game by dealing three cards face down to himself and thereon on clockwise till 8 players have 8 cards each (including the dealer). It means if you are sitting in seat number 6, you will receive your third card from seat No 7 and so on.
  6. On dealing, the first card is dealt with a player who sits on the left of the dealer.
  7. On receiving a card, you have to state how many points it is worth: by saying ‘3’ or ‘Paanch’ or 6 (6 is not a point.) If someone says ‘Patti’, they want 4 cards, not 3.


You don’t have to speak English very clearly when you play Teen Patti as most Indians know this game by heart so they can keep track of what numbers they are talking about when they are declaiming “3” or “Paanch”. However, it helps if you repeat the words in English so everyone can understand them.

How to learn Teen Patti rules with free game?

Teen Patti originated in Rajasthan and is now played across the country. It is a variation of a card game from Europe known as the Tarot. You will find many small differences between the two games but basically, Teen Patti combines elements from Rummy and Poker. The players sit cross-legged around a table (or in a circle) and share out 40 cards between them. No card leaves the deck during the game and each player can only look at 3 cards at a time, keeping their eyes on one card at all times. The object of the game is to get rid of your cards by making combinations with other players’ cards.

You can start your journey to rules card games Teen Patti by trying a free trial on one of the various websites that have games of this nature or using Teen Patti app free download. It is a good way of getting to know how the game works before you go ahead and spend money on buying physical cards. You will get a feel for the different scenarios that may arise and get an idea about the types of numbers you want to bet on. Facebook is a particularly good platform for Teen Patti games. Look for groups on Facebook that host tournaments of this game and you will be able to play it from your comfort at home. If you don’t know many Indians, try following the instructions in this article to find friends who are happy to teach you how to play Teen Patti.

Why is it important to learn Teen Patti rules to play for real money?

If you want to learn the rules of Teen Patti and get free games, you should be aware that it is quite common for money to be involved in the process. When you play with other people, there will usually be a place where bets are settled. This can be an office or a home. The host of the game will take your Teen Patti cash and give you the chips accordingly. After each round, he will tally up your winnings and collect your chips back again onto his side of the table where they belong. You could also be invited by one of the players to do a practice game before you play for real money.

If you are one of those, you must know that if the bet is big, it is usually made on the turn with an even number of cards (for example; 3, 4, 5, or 6)

Teen Patti is often referred to as “the most strategic card game”. Where other people call this game “strategy”, Indians think of Teen Patti as being all about lining up the cards and knowing when to bet and when not to. There is a wide range of payment methods to play the game for real money, including Teen Patti Paytm, GooglePay, Skrill, and more.

So, if you want to win at Teen Patti, be sure to make bets on even numbers because everyone else will want to do the same thing. Even numbers are more valuable than odd numbers because they cover more points on the 3: Paanch chart. In addition, the other players will be likely to bet on odd numbers as a bluff, but you should be prepared so don’t be fooled by their cunning ploys!